Kolbe A Index Client Portal

The Kolbe A Index is a great way to gain a better understanding of the unique strengths on your team – making your work more productive and your team more effective. I’m happy to extend a small savings for you to take the Kolbe A Index.

If you would like your team members to take the Kolbe A Index and you do not want to have to purchase the assessment one at a time, or you want to simply provide a link for your team member to take the assessment, please contact me and I would be happy to facilitate this (Sarah@ElevationOBM.com).

Ready to take the Kolbe A Index?

  • Click here to navigate to the Kolbe Portal
  • Use this Passcode: ELEVATION
  • Follow the prompts to purchase the index at your discounted rate of $44 USD (regular price is $55 USD)
  • Take the index and get your results immediately

*NOTE: I do not receive any kind of referral fee or affiliate payment when you take the Kolbe A Index through this page. Your Kolbe Index results will only be available to you and to Kolbe Corp.  Your results would never be shared unless you choose to share them.

Tips for Taking the Kolbe A Index:

It will take you approximately 20 minutes to take the Kolbe A Index.

When you take the Index, answer the questions as if you were free to take action your way – in a way that feels most natural and comfortable for you.

Do NOT answer the questions based on how you think you need to act or how someone else might expect you to act.

Do NOT collaborate with someone else to take the assessment or get someone else’s opinion on the questions.

Don’t over think it. 😉

If you have taken the Kolbe A Index before, you do not need to take it again, even if it’s been several years. Please contact me if you need any assistance in locating your results.

Have Questions?

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, I’m happy to support you in using Kolbe to create a synergistic and productive team. I offer team Kolbe Interpretations and can facilitate other Kolbe Indexes to help you and your team better understand and use Kolbe as a tool. Please get in touch and we can explore how Kolbe can support you and your team: Sarah@ElevationOBM.com.