elevate your business by aligning your people, with the process, and the plan

Get an actionable strategic plan and growth strategies to grow your business
I help business owners develop strategies that grow their business and make them more money.  I’m your strategic thought partner. I’ll help you focus on and prioritize strategies that will make the biggest impact. 

Develop a high performing team that fully supports you
From finding and hiring the ideal team members, to ongoing development, and Kolbe Consulting, I can help you grow a collaborative and synergistic team that fully supports you. 

Build a strong operational foundation that will help your business scale
This is the magic in HOW your vision is brought to life and all of the moving parts that help a business thrive. I’ll help you build a business that runs like clockwork.   


Keep reading about how I can help you grow your business. Or, contact me to schedule a 45 minute strategy session to explore how I can help. 

Sarah Neumann has been absolutely instrumental in skyrocketing my business success, and I don’t even have the words for her contribution.

What I mean is, things were growing quickly but disorganized behind the scenes. No processes or systems, just a lot of scotch tape! Sarah pulled everything apart and put it back together again in ways that were so streamlined, effective, and organized that we were able to exponentially increase our number of offerings and serve people truly impeccably.

And…not only is Sarah a business management whiz, but she took true ownership of our biz – had proactive creative ideas, proposed innovative strategies, and anticipated (and solved) upcoming potential issues. This was more than we ever could have expected. Thank you, Sarah!

Barb Wade

The Plan: Strategic plan and growth strategies

Strategic Planning and Growth Strategies: I’ll guide you through my strategic planning process and we will take an in depth look at your business.  We will look at what’s working well – and how to leverage these areas.  We’ll look at what’s not working – and ways to make improvements and remove roadblocks.  We will identify current assets in your business – and how to amplify these. And we will look at steps and actions that will help create momentum towards the vision you have for your business.   

We will create a quarterly plan with actionable steps to grow your business and make more money. I‘ll support you to prioritize and focus on initiatives that will make the biggest impact, so we can achieve tangible results.

I’ll support you every step along the way as your strategic thought partner, bringing 15 years of experience working in and supporting high six and seven figure businesses. I’ll support you AND your team directly as they execute the plan. And, we will do it again – quarter by quarter – celebrating our wins along the way.       


We brought in Sarah when we were preparing to scale the number of clients we serve and needed expert input on what needed to be done with our people, processes and systems to get us there.

Sarah stepped in and knew the right questions to ask and places to look in the business to first get a clear picture of our current state and then identify both inefficiencies and opportunities for our team, systems and processes to be upgraded. Sarah was meticulous in her analysis of the business and brought her expertise and mastery around what really works to make practical and strategic recommendations that have already paid off.

We’ll be calling Sarah again in a few months to do a reevaluation of where things stand and what we need at that point.

Jeff Harmon

Coach and Consultant to Pharma and Biotech CEOs

people: Develop a high performing team

Hiring: If you are ready to grow your team, let me help you navigate the hiring process. Through my done-for-you hiring support we will identify your ideal candidate avatar, I’ll write and distribute the job posting that attracts our ideal candidates, conduct the initial interviews, and support and guide you in the process of making your final decision.  And, once you make your hiring decision, I also support you AND your new team member in getting a strong start.  Plus, as a Certified Kolbe Consultant, I’ll use this valuable tool throughout our process to ensure our candidate is a great fit.  

Team Development: The investment you make in your team is likely the largest investment you make in your business.  I’ll help you protect and grow this investment through ongoing team development. You may be a great leader for your team, but having an expert on your side to help you grow and develop your team will make an exponential impact.  I’ll meet with your team members directly, set quarterly goals, and help and them succeed in their role.  I’ll meet with you to check in on how well you feel supported by your team, look at what’s working well, and how we can take your team to the next level.

Kolbe Consulting: I bring this invaluable tool to all of the work I do with my clients and I also offer à la carte Kolbe Consulting. As a Certified Kolbe Consultant I can guide you and your team on leveraging this tool to improve performance, improve collaboration, gain a better understanding of how to support each other, communicate more effectively. Kolbe is an essential tool in developing a high performing team.

1:1 Consulting and Mentoring for Operation Professionals:  I provide 1:1 support for Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officers, and Directors of Operations.  I’ll share my expertise, every resource, every tool and strategy to help you succeed in your role.          

Working with Sarah was an incredibly positive and supportive experience.

Sarah is approachable and made the entire hiring process — which I procrastinated on because it felt so daunting — easy, exciting, and seamless. She helped me understand that hiring is an investment, not a cost, and it was that reframe which helped me figure out who the right hire would be, and where they would fit into my business, providing the support I actually needed.

In the time I worked with Sarah, I could feel her commitment to the process. She was as invested in finding the right person as I was. That gave me the confidence that who she would choose would be an energetic and values-aligned partner for my business that would help me achieve my goals. Sarah also helped me start thinking about other potential hires as my business continues to grow.

Super flexible, and creative in the way she does her job, I highly recommend Sarah if you’re looking to grow your team!

Emma Grace Moon

Affiliate Marketing Consultant

 pROCESS: build an operational foundation

Operational Consulting:  As your business grows things start to get complicated – and then they get complex. To scale your business you must start with a strong foundation. I bring my operational epxertise to all the work I do with my clients. After all, this is the magic that will help you bring your ideas to life.   I can help you identify operational issues and remove roadblocks.  I can develop strategies and custom solutions that will help your team thrive, help us achieve our goals, and create a business that runs like clockwork.

Sarah is a dream to work with. Not only did she bring flow, organization and ease to my business operations – which resulted in business growth –  but as the business owner, I felt truly taken care of. I never had to worry if things would get done correctly, or when they would get done; I also knew that Sarah would always have the perfect solution when issues arose. This kind of peace of mind is priceless. Sarah really cares and she shows up and gives 110%.  

Joanna Lindenbaum

Transformational Coach and Facilitation Expert

Before I met Sarah, I was struggling with organizing my new business and getting ready to launch. It was overwhelming and challenging for me to determine what to do first, what was essential and what was not essential. I needed someone in my corner and it was clear, Sarah was needed!

Sarah joined me as a true partner and drove my business set up with perfection – from end to end! She is incredibly knowledgeable and a very strategic thinker. She helped me make critical decisions that will serve me and my business well into the future.

Today, my business is running smoothly and easily because of the way Sarah set it up.  I can’t imagine doing any of this without her. She was invaluable to me and my trust in her is deep and wide. Thank you Sarah for all of your generous expertise. 

Laurie Arron

Advisor & Executive Coach to C-Suite and Chiefs of Staff

Learning about my Kolbe results with Sarah was such an informative and widening experience. I appreciate the space she holds very much: it is grounded, non-judgemental, educational and also, very illuminating.

Sarah is very professional and also personable, which is such a delight! She really has a great way of relating what is currently going on in one’s life to ones’ Kolbe whilst breaking everything down in such a simple, yet helpful way. She is understanding and empathetic all whilst guiding one along in their Kolbe in a beneficial way for change and growth!

I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to experience Kolbe, learn more about it or really just wants to grow in life, to her! She is so wonderful!

Chelsi Kosarin

Certified Life Coach

Sarah is smart, savvy, generous and genuinely invested in helping her clients prosper. I approached her with a vague idea for a coaching business and she helped me get clear on my brand, outline effective web copy, set up high-end packages and structure my new website for success. 

Her depth of knowledge is amazing. Every time I hit a stumbling block she had the perfect solution to guide me past it. She is that rare combination of a finely tuned business mind with a depth of heart and understanding that can drive both success and fulfilment.

Susannah Kenton

Actress, Voice Artist, Entrepreneur and Coach